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Who better to manage your organizations digital phone system than the same folks who manage your IT services. CWP Tech Solutions in Frederick Maryland specializes in medical billing software IT services and medical facility IT services now adds a full product line of VoIP digital phone systems to it’s long list of IT services to doctors offices and small businesses throughout the Greater Washington DC Metro Area

Everyone is talking about VoIP being the wave of the future in telecommunications, but what are some of its advantages? This is an easy question to answer, since there are so many benefits to VoIP. We will address some of the major ones in this article.

Digital Phone Systems Frederick Md
Cost savings is one of the most important reasons to use VoIP. CWP’s VoIP provides a significant cost savings over telephone service from the traditional providers. There are 3 pricing options that CWP offers. For $32 per phone, per month, each phone will include 1500 outbound minutes. This includes all calls to the 48 contiguous states as local calls so your long distance rates get reduced significantly. As you add additional phones the 1500 minutes start to create a pool. In a scenario that you have 2 phones in your office and phone 1 only uses 500 minutes but phone 2 uses 2000 minutes there would not be any additional fees because you would have 3000 pooled minutes and only have used 2500 minutes. For $39 per phone, per month, each phone will include 3000 outbound minutes. Very few traditional carriers offer affordable unlimited service but CWP offers this service for $45 per phone, per month. All inbound calls are unlimited no matter what plan you opt for.

Another area where VoIP provides a significant cost advantage is that of lower basic rates. VoIP providers do not have the overhead costs of maintaining large phone networks, so CWP can pass this savings along to the consumer. In addition, VoIP providers are not subject to the regulatory and tax restrictions that are placed on traditional telephone carriers. This lowers our cost of doing business and we can pass this savings along as well. In addition, some federal taxes and fees are still required we are not all of the taxes and fees associated with traditional telephone service.

VoIP service provides significant advantages through that of available features. Because VoIP is a digital technology, the feature set is extensive when compared to traditional telephone service. Having an IT company provide and install your VoIP services and phones allows for your computer network to also be upgraded for additional efficiency and benefits. Some of the available VoIP features do not even exist in the traditional market, while others are greatly enhanced. Besides the advantage of having these features available, some of them can be used to achieve significant cost savings as well.

One feature that is unique to VoIP is that of virtual phone numbers. Traditional phone systems require a phone line for each incoming call. For example, if your office has 5 lines you would traditionally have 5 different phone numbers but only publish 1 number and once a call comes in the phone system will automatically roll over to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th line available. Once your 6th call comes in the caller gets a busy signal and your company potentially loses money. With the virtual phone number you’re not limited to just 5 inbound calls. CWP offers unlimited inbound calls. Essentially you could have more inbound calls than you have employees to answer the phones. In this example we would setup an automated attendant to route calls to the appropriate department. CWP offers unlimited automated attendants at no extra cost.

If you have multiple offices you can have the VoIP service in all locations. Routing calls between the offices can be done via 4 digit transfer. All calls between the offices are considered inside the network and not subject to use the outbound minutes.

One feature that is greatly enhanced by VoIP service is that of multi-party (or conference) calling. While this feature is available from most traditional telephone providers, it is quite expensive. CWP offers 3-way calling and a conference bridge (up to 10 people) at no extra charge. There is one thing that you need to consider when thinking about multi-party calling – each call takes its own little slice of bandwidth. So you will need to make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth available from your high speed Internet connection if you plan to rely on this feature. This is another reason why you need an IT company such as CWP to provide you the service and expertise when setting up the back end of your phone service.

There are many other advantages to using CWP’s VoIP service. These include unlimited voicemail boxes, voice mail to email delivery, which allows you to listen to your voice mail from any pc connected to the Internet or if you have a smart phone that you receive your email on, this allows you to get your office voicemail on your cell phone, unlimited extensions, call transfers and call forwarding. Also, while traveling, you can access your VoIP service from any PC with high speed access by using a softphone. This allows your phone service to go with you anywhere. Because of its digital roots, you can expect even more unique or enhanced features to become available to VoIP users.

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