Managed Services: Keeping You Safe in Real Time

Computers are essential to the operations of many businesses today. Not only are more businesses relying on computers and related technologies as part of their daily operations, but businesses are increasingly using wireless and portable devices as well. Managing all of these different devices can quickly become overwhelming for an organization, but managed services from CWP Tech Solutions can help to keep businesses safe and connected in real time.

Managed IT ServicesComputer technology has changed the way that business is done for the better, but it also brings new challenges and considerations. Managing system and application updates, anti-virus and anti-malware programs, network security, servers, and other services and hardware takes considerable time and expertise. In many cases, either computer systems end up not being managed optimally or staff end up spending hours on technology instead of focused on the core services of the business. Managed technology services solve this problem while freeing staff to focus on the needs of the business.

Managed technology services provide a number of benefits to businesses. In addition to assuring that computer systems are operated optimally, managed services also help to prevent problems from developing.

Take, for example, General Motors’ popular program known as “OnStar.” Drivers in an OnStar-equipped vehicle have the confidence that, in the event of an accident, OnStar will contact the police, paramedics or whomever else is needed. The OnStar system monitors the vehicle for signs of an emergency and then triggers a process to address the problem.

Our managed services products protect client’s computer systems like OnStar protects drivers, but we take it to a deeper level. We monitor the “tire pressure” of client’s systems and, when the pressure is low, we are notified about the problem. We can then take steps to fix the issue before our client even knows there is a problem. Our proactive approach to managed IT services keeps your systems operating as intended and avoids costly downtime.

CWP Tech Solutions has been providing IT solutions to businesses since 2005, and our proactive managed IT services will keep your business operating efficiently and securely. Contact us today by calling 301-662-6219 to learn how managed technology services can help your business.

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