Planning for the Worst: Key Ways to Protect Your Data

Data Protection In this technologically advanced world, it is essential that your company’s data is backed up and secured. With hackers, tech failures and standard wear and tear always threatening your data, a good retention plan is paramount to ensuring continuity for your business in the case of an information disaster. If you are new to data security, here are a few basic tips to keep your precious info intact.

Backup Constantly

 It has been true since the beginning of computing: keeping constant backups of your records, documents and other valuable data are a vital part of data retention. You can use the backup software built into your operating system, a third-party backup software, or even use USB drives or DVDs to store your information. The key is to make sure you do it regularly. If you create a backup schedule and stick to it, then the odds are good that your lost records will be limited only to the time between your backups in the case of a disaster.

Password Protect Your Documents

 In the case of hackers or other threats – which are growing more and more common in today’s digital marketplace – it is always a very good idea to have your data secured, so that you can still protect your information even if it is accessed by an outside party. This is particularly true with documents that contain client information, medical records, credit card information or any other sensitive materials. Files can be password protected with built-in features in your operating system, and you can further secure documents by compressing them with password encryption to offer additional protection.

Secure Laptops and Mobile Devices

 You can truly be on your game and have your primary data center backed up six ways to Sunday, but if you forget the items outside of that central hub, then you might be in trouble. Secure your laptops, mobile devices and wireless machines with the same care you would anything else, as if these fall into the wrong hands, most of these devices are already set up to access secured networks and information. It is also crucial that you backup your wireless devices regularly, as these machines have a better chance of being stolen or damaged from drops, spills or other accidents.

Be Smart with Passwords

Many of us take passwords for granted, but they are literally the core building blocks of good data security. It is important to use secure and complex passwords and to instruct your employees to do so as well. Follow the basic password rules: avoid including personal information and sequences of numbers, and change your password every 90 days or less.

Although preparation is essential in any company’s data retention policy, accidents do happen. You don’t want to be left with a complete loss if something happens to your business or computer systems. At CWP Tech Solutions, we can help. We offer extensive IT disaster prevention and recovery services to help you secure and protect your existing data or get back on your feed after a catastrophic loss of information.

In addition to disaster prevention and data retrieval, CWP Tech Solutions offers a wide array of products and services, including phone systems, cloud services, IT consulting and more. Give us a call at 301-662-6219 to learn more.



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