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Microsoft added an awesome new feature that helps filter your low-priority email—saving time for your most important messages. They call it Clutter.

Clutter looks at what you’ve done in the past to determine the messages you’re most likely to ignore. It then puts them here, in the Clutter folder. Just keep using email as usual and Clutter will learn which messages aren’t important to you. From time to time, Clutter might get it wrong. You can move the messages Microsoft has incorrectly identified as clutter to your inbox, and Clutter will take notice.

Your privacy is extremely important to Microsoft. They remove any personally identifiable information from the data we use to make the feature better.

And if you find Clutter isn’t for you, you can turn it off any time.

Call CWP @ 301-662-6219 to have us assist you with turning off Clutter.

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