What Exactly Is A PBX Business Phone System?

A business telephone system refers to any of a range of a multiline telephone systems typically used in business environments, encompassing systems ranging from small key systems to large scale private branch exchanges.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company. The users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls.

A PBX connects the internal telephones within a business and also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

One of the latest tendencies in PBX phone system development is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

Nowadays, there are four different PBX phone system options:

Hosted/Virtual PBX
Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

A business telephone system differs from simply using a telephone with multiple lines in that the lines used are accessible from multiple telephones, or “stations” in the system, and that such a system will often provide additional features related to call handling. Business telephone systems are often broadly classified into “key systems”, “hybrid systems”, and “private branch exchanges”.

A key system was originally distinguished from a private branch exchange (PBX) in that it allowed the station user to see and control the calls directly, manually, using lighted line buttons, while a private branch exchange operated in a manner similar to the public telephone system, in the calls were routed to the correct destination by being dialed directly. Technologically, private branch exchanges share lineage with central office telephone systems, and in larger or more complex systems, may rival a central office in capacity and features.

Hybrid keyphone systemsInto the 21st century, the distinction between key systems and PBX has become increasingly confusing. Early electronic key systems used dedicated handsets which displayed and allowed access to all connected PSTN lines and stations.

Nortel T Series Key System TelephoneThe modern key system now supports ISDN, analog handsets (in addition to its own proprietary handsets – usually digital) as well as a raft of features more traditionally found on larger PBX systems. Their support for both analog and digital signalling, and of some PBX functionality gives rise to the “Hybrid” designation[4].

A hybrid system will typically have some call appearance buttons that directly correspond to individual lines and/or stations, but may also support directly dialing to extensions or outside lines without selecting a line appearance.

The modern key system is usually fully digital (although analog variants persist) and some systems embrace VOIP. Indeed, key systems now can be considered to have left their humble roots and become small PBXes. Effectively, the aspects that distinguish a PBX from hybrid a key system are the amount, scope and complexity of the features and facilities offered.

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VoIP Business Phones and Mobile Internet in the News

Business VoIP Ensures Maximum Profits

It is quite logical that the main ‘mantra’ of any business organisation is to earn more profits and also to venture into various profitable progress. To support these factors, it is quite necessary that all the supporting features are efficient. As a matter of fact, communication plays an important role in this matter. On one hand, communication plays the crucial role while on the other hand, it requires the support of effective system. In fact, they are required to traverse parallel to ensure maximum profits.

Business Phone Systems Frederick Md

With the inception of the VoIP for business, things have become quite simpler these days. Nowadays, nearly all the corporate and business enterprises should bear in mind they must possess and manage good communication system. Now, it is quite interesting to note that if they use phone as the prominent tool for communication then a lot can be done by switching over to the business VoIP solutions. It has been witnessed that these solutions carry more added benefits than the conventional PSTN systems. As a matter of fact, these switch over process would definitely support the business enterprises to limit their communication cost to a significant level.

If these solutions are compared to the traditional PSTN services then it can be found that they are quite cost-effective. Moreover, these advanced IP solutions would not be entirely concentrated towards a particular call like the traditional PSTN systems. Moreover, the effective solution of Internet telephony uses a software of switching method for accessing the calls. This unique technology would allow the corporate and business establishments to cut down the cost of calling, as they are not extremely regulated like the the PSTN calls.

As a matter of fact, communicating with customers and clients across the boundaries should no longer be a concern these days. Moreover, you can even experience other extra benefits while accessing the long distance and international calls.

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Recent announcements are sketching a slight shift away from the Android platform.

Bloomberg (via BusinessWeek) reports that Google’s Android alliance is showing signs of strain. Although more than 60,000 Android-based mobile phones are sold and activated each day, there is now an obvious shift within partners to steer away from Google’s mobile OS… or at least, place the main focus on a variety of options. Verizon Wireless, which currently offers the popular Motorola Droid, is a prime example of the shift, declaring on Wednesday that it will not carry the Nexus One smartphone as previously intended.

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