Who Do You Trust With Computer Repair

Choosing who to trust with your computer can be just as scary as picking an auto mechanic. And these days, we often rely on our computers even more than our mode of transportation. Following are some tips to help you feel less overwhelmed when trying to decide on a computer repair company:

  • Get someone local to you. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you may be tempted to choose a company further away just because a friend or coworker recommended them. It’s important to choose someone local, however, because your goal is to develop a long-term relationship with the same group of people; and this is not likely to happen with the inconvenience of traveling too far. In addition, these days, Google Places can be relied on to return trustworthy results for local business searches.
  • Check references and reviews. Often when a computer breaks down, the first thing you do is panic. You’re tempted to choose the first repair company you come across, but this is usually a mistake. Someone under-qualified or disreputable for other reasons will only make your life worse in the long run. Take some deep breaths and check out the references and reviews for a company before taking the plunge.
  • Word of mouth is not worthless. While it’s good to check out other reviews and references, do pay special attention to what your friends, family, and coworkers say about their experiences with local computer repair companies. You know you can trust these people to be honest. If someone you know well strongly recommends a particular company without bias, chances are that choice should be at the top of your list.
  • Can you communicate? When you initially call a company, ask questions and make sure you can communicate well with the computer repair person. Computer experts are often poorly trained in explaining issues in layman’s terms, and this can create a myriad of problems from money issues to misunderstood expectations. Choose someone that is easy to talk to, helpful, and eager to answer your questions fully and completely.
  • Experience, experience, experience. When it comes to computers, schooling is no match for real-world experience. Make sure your technician has that experience, as well as expertise in the specific area or areas you need help with. Your computer should not be used as a guinea pig or learning tool for someone fresh out of school.
  • Availability of onsite service. These days many companies offer remote or online computer repair services. This is fine for some situations, but make sure they also offer onsite service in case the need arises.
  • Availability of spare parts. Because time is always of the essence when it comes to computer repair, it’s critical to choose a provider who has reliable, convenient access to a wide selection of spare parts. It’s also good to check whether that company would be willing to lend you a stand-in computer in case of an unusually long delay in repairs.
  • Installation and upgrade expertise. Even if you’re not interested now, it’s likely that in the future you’ll need some help with installation and configuration issues, and/or upgrading system components such as hard drives or graphics cards. A good computer repair services provider will have technicians available to perform almost any service involved in computer maintenance or repair.

So when that dreaded crash happens, remember to follow the tips above and think logically before making a decision. Choosing your computer repair company wisely can lead to peace of mind, a rewarding long-term relationship, and a lot more money in your pocket.

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Comprehending Remote Computer Repair Service

Computers > Hardware > Comprehending Remote Computer Repair Service

Now-a-days, remote computer repair services are much in demand and are currently the new trend in how people get their computers repaired. There are several good reasons why such form of repair services has become so popular including the fact that they provide quick and efficient solutions and because they assuredly will be able to fix virtually every different kind of computer problem.

Whether your computer has problems with its registry or there is a virus that has infected your computer or it could be any other kind of problem; remote computer repair services are the best option to resolving the error.

How Does It Work?

Before proceeding further it definitely is a good idea to first understand the working of the remote computer repair service. To start with, it is first of all necessary that you download and then install the programs that will do the diagnosing and repairing of your computer and these programs are also used to ensure that the remote computer repair service company can access the faulty computer from a remote location.

This allows the repair company to view on their screen what is going on with your computer and in addition the remote company’s computer
can share its keyboard with the keyboard of the faulty computer. Of course, even when the remote computer repair service company is sharing your computer, you the owner of the faulty computer still have access to your computer; all that happens is that the remote computer repair service company too has access to your computer which helps in diagnosing the problem without having to send a technician to be physically present at your site.

Further, the remote computer repair service is an interactive process and this also means that the owner of the faulty computer can terminate the session whenever they wish to do so. And, after the remote computer repair service has completed fixing the problem with your computer it will then automatically uninstall itself from your computer.

For remote computer repair service to work it is necessary to have speedy internet connection. Furthermore, remote computer repair service also means being able to avail of round-the-clock repair services which is a real boon for someone that loses their computer’s functionality in the middle of the night. With remote computer repair service the repair work can begin at any time of the day or night.

One way to minimize computer repair service costs is to install the best and most effective anti-virus software. Many of the common malware that are floating around on the Internet have the capability of infecting systems and corrupt the system so much that you will be forced into having to pay for expensive computer

It is therefore obvious that you use every weapon in your arsenal with which to combat viruses; this means using firewalls, engage in managed Email monitoring and using corporate antivirus software and enforcing strict employee policies to ensure that everyone uses their office computers safely.

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Computer Repair Issues

System crashes.  Viruses.  Freezes.  Fried hard drives.  Anyone who’s spent much time with a computer lately will be familiar with at least one of these headaches.  As a result, having a reliable, available, experienced and trustworthy computer repair company to turn to is extremely valuable—if not essential—these days.

Computers have always been complex, but today that complexity has reached a level that can make anyone stop and scratch their head in frustration.  Unfortunately, some people still believe they are qualified to attack the problem themselves, using only internet resources.  This is often a mistake; your computer requires the same level of expertise to fix as your car, and you wouldn’t trust your car to anyone but a qualified mechanic in most cases.  Even if you believe your problems are caused by a virus or other malicious software, a trained computer repair specialist can run diagnostic tests on your system to fully understand and assess the complications your PC or laptop is facing.  This ensures accurate and complete removal of all destructive software, as well as any other problems your system may have developed.  Then your computer expert can recommend preventive measures and/or system upgrades that will make your life easier in the future.

With time and money in short supply these days, keeping your computer system up and running in peak condition is essential.  So make sure you hire a computer repair services company with enough expertise to do the job right.  Better companies will come up under Google Places Local business results, and have quality customer reviews available on sites such as http://www.bbb.org or http://www.insiderpages.com.  In addition, pay attention to their level of customer service.  This is an aspect of any business that can fall by the wayside, leaving you feeling neglected and frustrated.  Make sure the computer repair company you select is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but interested in ensuring that your overall experience is as pleasant as possible.  Good customer service involves putting your mind at ease, fully explaining procedures and answering questions, and making you feel important.

Competition is fierce in the computer repair sector—there’s no need to settle for computer repair professionals that fall short in any way.

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Questions To Ask Computer Service Technicians

Clearing Up Computer Service Misconceptions
a series of computer repair articles from CWP Tech Solutions

Choosing the right computer repair company isn’t easy. You don’t want to trust that delicate piece of machinery to just anyone, especially since these days we often rely on our computers to make it through the day—as much or more than our cars or cell phones.
So before you decide on a particular business to repair your laptop or PC, be sure to ask the following questions:
• How much do you charge per hour, and will you give me an up-front estimate? Expect to pay between $40 and $60 per hour, or a flat-rate for a particular service. And make sure they’re willing to give you at least a rough estimate before you agree to it, since sometimes getting a brand new computer is actually cheaper. If the estimate you’re given seems unreasonable, get a second opinion.
• Do you have a minimum charge? Sometimes your computer may require such a quick fix that it almost seems silly to pay, so find out ahead of time what they will do in that case. Customarily, you’ll be charged for “up to one hour” for the first hour.
• Will there be any hidden fees? This is a good question to ask any repair or maintenance service company ahead of time, for obvious reasons. And when it comes to computer repair, the answer should be “no”. The only unexpected charges you may be hit with should be for part replacements.
• Do you charge extra for in-home/business service? While there will often be some extra charge for the trip to your location, it should be reasonable, such as a single trip fee or slightly higher hourly rate.
• Do you offer any guarantees? Computers can be tricky gadgets, so find out ahead of time what will happen if the first repair attempt doesn’t pan out. Good companies usually offer a 30 – 90 day guarantee. And be aware that even if the technician finds your problem beyond repair, you should expect to pay the basic “up to the first hour” fee for diagnosis.
• How long before I’m up and running again? As mentioned earlier, time is often of the essence when it comes to computer repair, so find out beforehand how long the repairs will take. As with the price, you won’t be given an exact figure, but you need (and should expect) some sort of time estimate. If the repair will be done in-home or business, find out how soon the appointment can be made.

IT services Frederick, Md IT outsourcing, IT maintenance for small businesses in Md. Medical IT services specialists. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) scanning for doctor’s offices in Maryland

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Computer Repair: The Basic Necessities

Computer Repair Services in Frederick Maryland

We all know the ugly scene: you are down; you suspect a nasty virus has caught hold, and you’re unable to defeat this problem alone: it’s time to call in a professional. I don’t mean a medical doctor, I mean a technical wizard because it’s your computer that has crashed! Before you make that call, here are some important, necessary steps to take as soon as possible so that your computer repair services tech can work as efficiently as possible and get your equipment working as soon as possible. Taking these steps may even save you money and almost certainly will save you and your tech repair person the precious time you are losing every minute your computer is down.

Virus Protection

Prepare a checklist or health inventory of your computer as soon as possible and keep it up to date. Start with a general overview of ALL of your computer needs: software, hardware, updates, internet service provider, and any other issues or elements that are suspect or concerning you regarding your computer needs.

Among those items listed, your virus protection software should be number one. You want to include any updates and the date of your last update. If it is set to update automatically, mention this to your repair person.

Error Messages, Etc.

I’m talking about those sudden breakdowns, always annoyingly at the worst time, that politely leave you an “error message” or a blue screen with some mumbo jumbo – aka information – explaining why your computer is shutting you down immediately. Record that information in the blue screen or that is marked “error” and include it in your checklist / inventory. As a matter of fact, you may be able to solve problems on your own by submitting the error code online through a problem-solving website. Ask your computer repair person for recommendations on those websites designed to assist you.

Recent Changes, Modifications or Updates?

Record your computer problem as soon as possible, note what you were doing: websites visited, applications running, installing hardware or software, etc. Any and all activities that occurred just before your problem took your system down should be included, as explicitly as you possibly can, in your checklist. Don’t forget about peripheral devices like your printer or camera, for example.

List your operating system as well, there may be updates available that your technician can assist you with and in some cases, you may be better off with an upgrade or change that is best performed by a trained technician.

Internet Service: Is it functioning properly?

List your internet service provider, such as Comast or Verizon or dial up ISP, and let your tech know whether you are using DSL or cable modems and where the device is located. You may not be comfortable with this right away but the fact of the matter is you should also provide any security codes associated with your ISP account, routers, and other communication devices on your home network. Access is denied without the security codes. You can always change or update those codes after the repairs are done.

Keep Software, Keys, Codes Together in a Safe Place

Store all software in the same CD case and keep an index card in the case with your software keys. I have them listed but disguised so it’s easy to tell which codes or keys apply – just in case this should get into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, overall, it is a better system than scrambling through your bookshelf for each software box, or trying to recall them from memory. Your tech may need to reinstall software to replace drivers or other critical files that are interfering with your computer’s operation.

Keep your documentation together in a safe file cabinet; they can be helpful if your tech has to check your hardware installation, as well as, software.

Ask Questions!

Whether your tech is working onsite or off, you should be able to obtain a report that tells you in terms you can understand, exactly what steps or process he or she used to repair your computer. Do not be afraid to ask questions about how your tech fixed the problem and, if possible, to show you how you might be able to repair it yourself, should the same problem occur in the future.

by Laurie Conte Copy Editor @ Frederick Web Promotions

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IT services Frederick, Md IT outsourcing, IT maintenance for small businesses in Md. Medical IT services specialists. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) scanning for doctor’s offices in Maryland

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Fix Your Freezing Computer

Does your computer keep freezing unexpectedly? Does your PC not operate like it should?

If you are searching for solutions to fix annoying computer problems, keep reading this brief article and you will find ways to remove those issues and greatly improve your PC’s performance.

Many times when your computer is acting up and constantly freezing, the issue originates from your windows registry system. Before going to a professional or wasting your time looking on the internet to figure out what’s wrong with your computer, keep in mind that your PC’s registry is one of the most fragile parts of windows.

The registry system stores all the information needed to operate your programs. When you install, edit and delete programs, the computer’s registry builds up with problematic information causing issues such as slow internet, active x malfunctions and most commonly it slows down your PC causing it to freeze. Don’t forget, a “broken” computer registry is the number 1 cause of computer errors

When your computer keeps freezing, it can be fixed by simply cleaning your registry system. It may seem like a confusing and complicated task if you don’t know what you’re doing but fortunately you can find registry repair programs that are highly effective and will automatically clean your registry with just a click of your mouse. Never try to manually edit and repair your computer’s registry; there will be no doubt you will end up causing more problems! Online there are free system scans available for you to download so that you can use those utilities to repair your computer’s issues and no longer have the pain of your PC freezing.

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Communicating With Your Computer Repair Professional in Frederick Md

Once you have decided to hire a local computer repair professional, you must figure out exactly what your computer’s problem is and how to explain it to the professional. Don’t worry if you don’t know where the issue or issues are coming from, just be sure you can talk about how your PC is malfunctioning. To say, “My computer doesn’t work” will not give your computer repair professional much to start with. You don’t have to be an expert to observe how your computer is operating. It’s extremely helpful to write down any error messages or specific problematic events so that you will have some sort of information on what might need to be fixed. Follow these tips to ensure that the professional you hired to fix your computer has a good understand or at least an idea of what the problem could be.

Plan to be Prepared; Before you visit or call

Before you pick up the phone to call a computer technician or decide to drop your computer off, it’s important that you’re prepared to explain your computer’s problem. When you’re prepared, you’ll be able to best describe the problem to the computer repair professional which will help he or she understand clearly, meaning that you’ll end up spending less on getting your computer fixed. The specific information you will need to have will vary depending on what your problem may be, but here are a few things to think about:

* If an error message comes up: What is the exact error message on the screen?
* If there is no error message: What exactly is the computer doing?
* When did the problem start occurring?
* Did anything else happen at the same time the problem started? (ex. Virus warning, blank screen, no sounds, etc.)
* What have you already done to try to fix the problem?
* Has the problem changed since it first started? (ex. Freezing more frequently, additional error messages, etc.)

Be sure to write everything down before you call or visit the computer repair professional.

Communication is Key

Communication is the most important factor in proper description of your computer’s issue to a computer repair professional. The whole purpose of your visit or phone call is to communicate with the professional about what the problem is so he or she can best resolve the problem.

Regular communication rules are used here just like anywhere else in life: Be sure to speak slowly, enunciate properly, and be polite! If you’re on the phone describing your problem, try to call from a fairly quiet area. Screaming children or barking dogs will make it difficult to explain your problem.

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Computer Repair Tips on Windows Protection Error

Windows Protection Error occurs mostly when you reboot or shut down your computer. You may be prompted to restart your computer when this error occurs. There may be various reasons behind the error. Defective or faulty software, hardware incompatibility, driver conflict or sometimes problems in BIOS can cause such errors. There are resources provided by Windows to resolve the error. Using some computer repair tips you can resolve the issue.

For resolving the error, you may nee to follow some computer repair tips. First you will need to go to the desktop. Then you need to go to the button ‘start’ and click on the option ‘run’. On the search box that will appear you will need to type ‘msconfig’. Once you have put that on the dialog box you need to click ‘ok’ to move on.

Now computer repair experts suggest you to go to the dialog box System Configuration Utility. Now you need top look for the tab ‘general’ and click on it. Now you need to go to the section ‘selective startup’ and select and deselect each option that will come. You will need to reboot your computer each time you select an option. This will help you to narrow the process down to uninstall the start-up software that can be done from the control panel.

You will need to press the key F8 repeatedly while the computer is booting itself up. At the same time you will need to scroll down and select the ‘safe mode’. On the menu ‘windows advanced options’ you will need to press the key ‘enter’.

Now you will need to enter Windows from your own personal account. At first you will need to go to the desktop. At the lower left side of the desktop you need to look for the button ‘start’. From ‘start’ you will need to go to the ‘control panel’ and need to click on it. Look for the option ‘add or remove program’ there. Scroll down to find out the program which is installed just before the ‘Windows protection Error’ started to appear,. Most probably this is the program which is responsible for the error. Select the program and click on the button ‘change/remove’. This step will remove the program from the system and the error with it hopefully.

Sometimes removing some corrupted can also be needed to remove the error. On your desktop you may need to click on the button ‘start’. You will have to right click on the option ‘my computer’ and select the option ‘properties’. Now you need to select the tab ‘hardware’ and then you need to look for the option ‘system properties dialog box’. Click on it and then click on the option ‘device manager’.

Scroll down and look for the program under which the Windows protection Error is showing. Tech support experts suggest that the hardware under which the error is showing is the culprit for the error. So removing the hardware may solve the problem. Remove the hardware by uninstalling it from the system. This will remove the hardware and the error.

About the Author

James Madison, a computer enthusiast and a contributing writer, writes for subjects like computer help, computer support, computer repair and tech support. He is a technical expert whose expert knowledge on these subjects is nicely reflected in his articles.

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History Of The Modern Laptop Computer

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How computers went from being huge mainframes with users connected to individual “work stations” to being small enough to sit on our desktop to being portable is interesting:

The History of Laptop Computers from About.com

It is a little hard to determine what was the first portable or laptop computer, the first portable computers did not look like the book-sized and folding laptops that we are familiar with today, however, they were both portable and lap-able, and lead to the development of notebook style laptops. I have outlined several potential firsts below and how each qualifies, many of the off-site links provide good photos of the computers that will let you see the progression in design.

The First Laptop? Maybe
Designed in 1979 by a Briton, William Moggridge, for Grid Systems Corporation, the Grid Compass was one fifth the weight of any model equivalent in performance and was used by NASA on the space shuttle program in the early 1980’s. A 340K byte bubble memory lap-top computer with die-cast magnesium case and folding electroluminescent graphics display screen.
Gavilan Computer As The First Laptop?
Manny Fernandez had the idea for a well-designed laptop for executives who were starting to use computer. Fernandez, who started Gavilan Computer, promoted his machines as the first “laptop” computers in May 1983. Many historians consider the Gavilan as the first fully functional laptop computer.

The First Laptop Computer – Osborne 1

The computer considered by most historians to be the first true portable computer was the Osborne 1. Adam Osborne, an ex-book publisher founded Osborne Computer and produced the Osborne 1 in 1981, a portable computer that weighed 24 pounds and cost $1795. The Osborne 1 came with a five-inch screen, modem port, two 5 1/4 floppy drives, a large collection of bundled software programs, and a battery pack. The short-lived computer company was never successful. (second photo)

More History of Laptop Firsts

* Also released in 1981, was the Epson HX-20, a battery powered portable computer, with a 20-character by 4 line LCD display and a built-in printer.
* In January of 1982, Microsoft’s Kazuhiko Nishi and Bill Gates begin discussions on designing a portable computer, based on using a new liquid crystal display or LCD screen. Kazuhiko Nishi later showed the prototype to Radio Shack who agree to manufacture the computer.
* In 1983, Radio Shack released the TRS-80 Model 100, a 4 lb. battery operated portable computer with a flat and more of a laptop design.
* In February 1984, IBM announced the IBM 5155 Portable Personal Computer.
* Three years later in 1986, Radio Shack released the improved and smaller TRS Model 200.
* In 1988, Compaq Computer introduces its first laptop PC with VGA graphics – the Compaq SLT/286.
* In 1989, NEC UltraLite was released, considered by some to be the first “notebook style” computer. It was a laptop size computer which weighed under 5 lbs. (second photo)
* In September 1989, Apple Computer released the first Macintosh Portable that later evolved into the Powerbook. (second photo)
* In 1989, Zenith Data Systems released the Zenith MinisPort, a 6-pound laptop computer. (more Zenith laptops)
* In October 1989, Compaq Computer released its first notebook PC, the Compaq LTE.
* In March 1991, Microsoft released the Microsoft BallPoint Mouse that used both mouse and trackball technology in a pointing device designed for laptop computers.
* In October 1991, Apple Computers released the Macintosh PowerBook 100, 140, and 170 – all notebook style laptops. (more on Powerbooks)
* In October 1992, IBM released its ThinkPad 700 laptop computer.
* In 1992, Intel and Microsoft release APM or the Advanced Power Management specification for laptop computers.
* In 1993, the first PDAs or Personal Digital Assistants are released. PDAs are pen-based hand-held computers.

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